Alazán | OLDBG | 2017 | 1,69m  

Aprobado por: OLDBG, WESTF, DSP

The pedigree also speaks for the highly ele-gant chestnut stallion, who confidently took the lead from the very beginning – and never relinquished this lead until the very end.

Bellany  comes  from  the  dam  line  that  also  produced  René  Tebbel‘s  Ramiro‘s  Son  I  as  well  as  Sören  von  Rönnes  Ramiro‘s  Son  II  and Delta‘s Bubka and thus has the jumping blood  connection  that  is  so  sought-after  in  dressage horse breeding today.

His  sire  Bon  Coeur  was  a  Hanoverian  premium   stallion,   winner   of   stallion   performance test, two-time Vice Bundeschampion and Hanoverian Riding Horse Champion. He  then  continued  his  career  in  advanced  dressage  under  Swedish  patronage.  More  than  ten  sons  from  his  first  crop  were  licensed,    including    the    premium    stallion   and   Vice   Bundeschampion   Bon Courage.

In  the  further  generations,  the  breeding   heroes   De   Niro,   Langata   Son,   Pik Bube I, Moltke I and Farnese follow.

The  granddam  St.Pr.St.  Langatia  is  half sister  to  Christine  Stückelbergers/SUI  Ramiro‘s   Bube   and   to   the   licensed   Ramiro‘s Boy.

Out  of  the  Holstein  line  5421  there  are  the  licensed  stallions  Don  Crusador,  Hohenstaufen  and  Quantensprung.