Alazán | OLDBG | 2017 | 1,69m   Aprobado por: OLDBG, WESTF, DSP The pedigree also speaks for the highly ele-gant chestnut stallion, who confidently took the lead from the very beginning – and never relinquished this lead until the very end. Bellany  comes  from  the  dam  line  that  also  produced  René  Tebbel‘s  Ramiro‘s  Son  I  as  well  as  […]

De Royal

Alazán tostado | OLDBG | 2016 | 1,71m Aprobado por: OLDBG The  sire  De  Niro  led  the  WBFSH  ranking  of  the  world‘s  best  dressage  sires  for  a  total  of  six years. De  Royals  dam  out  of  the  famous  Seifert  line  of  Rudilore  is  a  full  sister  of  the  stallion  sextet   around   the   world   ranking   eighth   Rubin  Royal  […]